The Leading Chicken & Duck Products Supply in Malaysia
We offer a huge and varied range of chicken products from skin/skinless cuts to frozen and whole chickens, as well as frozen ducks.
Complete Supply Range to Business
We provide the best quality chicken available to supermarkets, hotels, restaurant, café, butcher shops and more and offer it at the best possible price.
Chicken Supply Range
:: Whole Chicken
:: Breast
:: Leg
:: Drumstick
:: Thigh Fillet
:: Wings
:: Neck & Back
Duck Supply Range
:: Whole duck in frozen condition.
Our Production Process

We summarize our production method, you will impress the way how we process the chicken!

About Hong Tze Enterprise Sdn Bhd
Hong Tze Enterprise Sdn bhd. is founded by Madam Teoh in year of 1999. In year of 1999, Madam Teoh start-up sole proprietor enterprise business for nearly around 20 years by selling whole fresh chicken with a small scale set up in the wet market...